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Scare the mother, save the child

Based on a transcript of the broadcast on Radio 4 on 6th December 2016.

Emily and Ruth are two women who found themselves locked in lopsided battles - facing harassment, intimidation, and crowd-funded lawyers.

Neither of them realised what it would cost them.


Freedom2014: 'Showing my hair'.

High cost of leaving ultra-orthodox Judaism.


Broadcast 6th December 2016

Listen on iPlayer - 38 minutes

What happens when individuals try to leave Britain's Hasidic Jewish community? Strictly-orthodox Jews live by 19th-century traditions in a modern world. But there are some who struggle with this way of life. In this documentary, two people reveal what happened to them once they made the decision to leave - a decision that meant letting go of everything they knew. This is a story about sacrifice and tradition, and a clash between two worlds

Podcast from "Sunday" 11/9/2016

The "Sunday" religious program transmitted on 11 Sept 2016 on BBC Radio 4, contained an item about the £1m fund-raising effort in Stamford Hill, to be used in family court cases where on parent chooses to leave the community and wishes to maintain contact with his or her children.