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We help Jewish individuals living in the UK or elsewhere in the EU who have taken the decision to explore living beyond their present Ultra-Orthodox community. We are a warm community of like-minded people and offer non-judgmental, confidential support.

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GesherEU News

Healthy Relationship Workshops

Professionals ran two workshops for members enabling participants to discuss relationship issues in a safe environment, to examine personal interactions and develop confidence and self esteem.

Read what one of the participants wrote here.

Manchester Transgender Judgment - GesherEU Press Release

Following the publication of the Judgment in the case where the transgender father sought face to face contact with his children that still reside in the North Manchester ultra-orthodox Jewish community, GesherEU published the following press release.

The Stamford Hill £1m fund raising event

In August 2016 a fund raising even in Stamford Hill aimed to raise £1m to enable the Charedi community fight legal cases where they think children are at risk of being removed from the community by one of their parents. See Jewish Chronical Report. Despite this, recently released Family Court Judgments show that the Judge expects the Charedi community to support the children "to understand that they will inevitably have these different experiences in their lives with their father [who has left the community] and to be accepting rather than rejecting as a consequence. They need the [Charedi] community to recognise and acknowledge the importance of their father's role in their lives".

Our Specialist Volunteers

We have the services of a social worker with experience within the family court system and family solicitors in London and Manchester with whom members can talk informally.




Lots of great events coming up at Gesher over the next couple of months, including Shabbat potlucks, fireworks night, and a wonderful weekend away!
We post all our events in our private Facebook group so if you haven't joined yet and are interested, send us a message so we can add you!
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2 months ago  ·  

If you haven't been to one of our events yet and would like to, we have an upcoming Friday night dinner soon, as well as some other great days and evenings lined up, so get in touch with us for the details and we'll see you there! ... See MoreSee Less

3 months ago  ·  

In a Family Court decision last week, the judge once again ruled in favour of children being given a more open and tolerant education in a mainstream orthodox Jewish school. They will reside primarily with their mother outside the confines of the Charedi community of their birth. As is appropriate, they will regularly visit their father in the community.

The mother has expressed her desire to pursue an Orthodox but tolerant lifestyle and GesherEU are delighted to be able to support her in this endeavour as we did through her court hearings.

We wish the family well and look forward watching them grow and develop in their new community.

We welcome them to the GesherEU family, community and support network.
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5 months ago  ·